COVID Information

If we are in Phase 1-3, all VLC students will be working from home as the building will be closed to the public and students. Life Coaches will continue to check-in at least once a week with your student(s), and teachers will be available to help students remotely with course work. 

If we are in Phase 4, the VLC will be following the SCCS - Roadmap Safety Requirements, and below are some details of what it will look like for us.

  • Mask - These must be worn the entire time by students, staff, and anyone in the VLC wing.
  • Arrival - When students arrive to school they are to check-in at the office then go directly to the cafeteria.
  • Breakfast & Lunch - This will still occur in our cafeteria, and all lunch tables will be at 50% capacity, which means there will only be eight students per lunch table.
  • Classrooms 
    • Students will be assigned a classroom for the entire day after breakfast to ensure classroom numbers stay low and evenly distributed.
    • Students will have assigned seats while in the classroom.
    • Students may get assigned a different room the following day.
    • The combination room of 803 & 804 will have the partition closed to divide the classrooms into two separate rooms.
  • Cage - The Cage visits will not occur in Phase 4.

Students who chose not to follow the SCCS - Roadmap Safety Requirements and the requirements listed here will be asked to work from home until we move into Phase 5.