SC Virtual Learning Center Team

Jodie Morgan
Director of Virtual Learning
(810) 591- 4380
Robin Ferris
(810) 591- 4380
GED & High School Completion Coordinator
Pat Rothney
(810) 591- 4387
Adult Education Navigator
Reading Specialist
Tim Proulx
Rachel Hockin - English 
Dan Murphy - Science
Josh Attwood - Math
Life Coach: A life coach is almost like a sculptor who can look at you and see the potential for you to achieve all that you desire. Through specific strategies and skills, the coach helps you define yourself and create the life you envision. Coaches help you focus, provide direction, challenge you, support you, motivate you and celebrate with you. Life coaches help you create a plan, detail action steps and hold you accountable for following through. They use skills that include observing, listening deeply, asking empowering questions, challenging and motivating. Coaches do not counsel or analyze the past. Life coaching is based on the principle that the client has the intrinsic ability to determine and achieve their goals. Everything is based on the present and what you want to achieve moving forward.