Attention All VLC Students and Families

Attention all VLC Students!!!
Logging into your courses on a daily basis is a must!
Students currently enrolled in the Swartz Creek Virtual Learning Center should be logging into their courses daily. Most importantly, this is how you progress towards graduation. When students do not log in for extended periods of time, not only does it slow your progress, but it also signals to the staff at the VLC that you no longer wish to be enrolled.
In order to avoid being dropped from the VLC, you must log into your courses and complete assignments on a daily basis.
If you are having any difficulties logging in, or accessing the courses you need, please reach out to your life coach so we can get the issues resolved as soon as possible, and get you on track. Remember - our number one goal is your success!!!!. 
- Mr. Kevin Powers
Coordinator, Swartz Creek Virtual Learning Center